Fruit Attraction is the commercial meeting point for the professional fruit and vegetable sector. Quality, innovation, diversity, knowledge, sustainability and technology are the premises of each new edition of this event at IFEMA.

Within the umbrella of Fruit Attraction other events in the same sector are held such as Fresh Shopping Lab, Avocado Fresh´n Star or Biotech Zone. In addition and in parallel it is co-celebrated with the Fresh Food Logistics (cold chain solutions) and Flower and Garden Attraction fairs.

The confidence of the sector as a whole, and the support of the international community of Fruit Attraction are allowing the continuity of this exhibition despite the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

And it is that the agri-food sector has shown and will continue to show the business community as a whole, as a strategic and fundamental sector for confidence in our social structure and its food supply.

Aware of the uncertainty times, but in a context of favoring commercial opportunities between international fruit and vegetable supply and demand, work has been done on a new format in which all aspects related to the safety and health of attendees will be preserved ( management of accesses and gauging, temperature controls, hygienic-sanitary measures, …). This implies moving from an event of concentration of visitors, to a model of concentration of buying and selling processes and presentation of news, innovation and knowledge for this new market and consumption scenario.

Three days in which the industry concentrates to generate and develop commercial relationships in a mixed face-to-face and digital format. Three days of international buying and selling, supply and supply agreements, campaign planning, news presentation, forums and face-to-face and virtual debates,… taking advantage of IFEMA’s 5G technology.

Fruit Attraction will be held at a time when visitors from many countries can already attend the event in person, and others will participate digitally through a new B2B-eMeeting service through 30-45 minute videocalls.

The intense specialized program of congresses, conferences, debates, company presentations, … of the entire value chain will also take place in a mixed format, physical and digital, with daily digital events of value content, right up to the start Fruit Attraction classroom.

The Directory of Participating Companies online takes a leading role, since it will be decisive in identifying companies, products, news, contacts, agenda and eMeeting service, … for all those visitors who cannot attend the event in person.

Tell us about your project for Fruit Attraction and we will shape it.


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