On panels, on shelves, on podiums, on counters, in showcases, on a platform, directly on the floor, on displays … There are many options to place the display of products in a stand. The first thing we will have to discern is if the project focuses on direct sales at the event, or if it is an exhibition product, since the needs will not be the same.

Sales Stand.

In this kind of projects there will be a lot of product and a lot of variety exhibited by all the spaces. Shelves, slanting shelves, shelves, panels with hangers or blister packs will abound … maybe even some display cases or display cases are necessary. Generally it is going to be a product that is going to interact a lot with visitors, is going to be touched, or even tested.

Exhibition Stand.

Generally we are in front of a stand that will be reaffirming a brand image or presenting something new. It is possible that each particular product case needs a unique way of being exposed. It will be necessary to determine if the product is going to be touched by visitors or if it has to be protected behind a barrier (glass, methacrylate, catenaries …) that allows it to be exhibited but not manipulated.

It could be that it is only removed from its interior to display it in more detail to the most select customers, so it would only be handled by people authorized by the brand (hostesses, employees …).

On the other hand, the functional relationship of the needs of the project, the available space, the budget, etc. will influence the way the product will be displayed. If you have to take advantage of the space, it may be interesting to put niches or shelves on the walls. On other occasions, the preference for exhibiting on the front line will make the use of podiums, showcases, or their hybrids more appropriate.

Likewise, some of the following resources called product glorifiers can be very interesting:

– Combine the exhibition with graphics.

– Combine exposure with led light halo effects.

– Use backlit methacrylate bases to dramatically highlight the exposure.

– Integrate the exhibition into the constructive design of the stand.

– Use methacrylate displays.

In any project the issue of lighting is key, even more so if it fits over the exhibition areas. A stand that does not illuminate your exhibition well will not be taking proper care of the customer’s product.

In addition, it will be necessary to pay attention to the weight and dimensions of some products, as some technical determinations may be necessary, such as exposing them directly to the ground or the need to reinforce the flooring, and like everything, it will have its answer from the design perspective.

At Expomedia we will look for the best option so that your product is exposed in the most appropriate and attractive way.

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