China is one of the engines of the world economy, it has ceased to be considered only as an exporting country and many companies see China as a market in which to sell their products.

One in 5 consumers is Chinese, it is not surprising because exposing in China is a priority for companies around the world that are not willing to give up on said market.

In recent years, Chinese fairs have almost doubled the volume of exhibitors and every day more companies from all over the world want to set up their fair stand in China. The main centers of exhibitions are Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou.

Having a trusted partner in China is more than essential, it is absolutely vital if we do not want to crash before starting our export adventure.

Many companies start their exporting experience to new markets under the umbrella of public organizations, the ICEX in the case of Spain, for example, and its commercial Embassies where it has public support and financing both when exposing and when organizing trade actions, we will not discuss the usefulness of these proposals or question the need for trade missions, even if we are not wanting.

Choose a stand builder with experience in China is essential, China is not a country to give a stand builder a first chance. An experienced, trusted local supplier is required to successfully complete the designed project.

The logistics costs of exhibiting in China can be monumental, but the drama that your partner in the assembly of the stand does not have experience you do not even want to imagine what it would be like.

All companies will tell you that they have experience setting up stands in China, but be clear that it is a risk.

China is a huge country, with a cultural diversity as wide as Europe itself and has its own rules and customs.

For example, gifts at the stand, something that in Spain is almost in disuse in China, takes on much greater importance and choosing gifts is not trivial. Do not make the mistake of having a single type of gift, for example, as that would lead you, for example, to give the same to a boss as to a subordinate, which would be very misinterpreted in a country where hierarchies are very important.

The gift for the boss must be substantially better than that of the employees and do not make the mistake of giving anything with the number 4 as it is an invitation to bad luck or giving a watch because it is like wishing death.

As much as distances are traveled faster the cultural difference persists and having someone with experience in China can help you save serious mistakes such as taking a business card with one hand, instead of both or keeping it without read it or show interest in what it says, because it would be considered a lack of respect and protocol.

Expomedia has extensive experience in assembling stands in Asia and particularly in China, tell us what you need and we will shape your stand.


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