The advantages of exhibitions as an F2F communication tool (face to face) are many: launching products, studying competitors, attracting new potential clients and interacting with clients and collaborators.

The exhibitions also require a lot of preparation so that everything runs smoothly on opening day. In the last 20 years Expomedia has accumulated extensive experience in the exhibition industry, making us experts in exhibition and event setups. We give you some tips for the success of your participation in one of the exhibitions in which you are going to exhibit.

  1. Choose the right exhibition: study the most relevant trade exhibitions for your products or services and filter the ones with the largest presence, in order to maximize your ROI. In Expomedia we can advise you to choose the national, European or world exhibition that may interest you the most due to the profile of your company and clients.
  2. Check what other companies of your competition are going to exhibit and what they have done in previous exhibitions.
  3. Plan your budget, which is a coherent amount for exhibition space and services, stand, logistics, travel, meetings … etc.
  4. Define your audience and your objectives for the exhibition. Thus we will be able to measure the results and the effectiveness after the exhibition.
  5. Choose the best location for your stand. Preferable in a central location if your budget allows. The best spaces are the ones with the highest traffic (central area of ​​the pavilion, stands near the crossing points, stands near the cafeteria, near the large stands that act as locomotives for visitors… .etc.
  6. Announce your participation as soon as possible. Send invitations to your existing and potential clients, also internal communication in the company directed towards employees and collaborators. Prepare the staff that will be at the exhibition. Communicate your participation on the web, social networks, emails to clients … etc.
  7. Book hotels and flights as soon as possible. If possible, book a hotel near the venue to reduce transportation costs and time to and from the venue.
  8. Choose an experienced, reputable booth service provider with a professional team. It will be able to advise you how to display your key messages, how to better present your products, how to distribute the space optimally, …
  9. Suggest an attractive activity for your stand (audiovisual claim, catering service, technology, prizes, etc.). This will attract more visitors to the booth, help visitors interact with your brand and create a WOM effect. A good service provider will help you create the most suitable attractive activity for your target audience in the design of the stand. It is not about filling the stand to fill it, but to attract our target.
  10. Track potential clients contacted during the exhibition. Don’t forget to contact potential clients 2-3 days after the show has ended. You can create a promotional offer for these potential customers.


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