Green marketing, also known as ecological or environmental marketing, is an increasingly widespread concept worldwide that defines the set of good practices that companies generate to improve the environment.

And, although it is a term that emerged several decades ago, the truth is that we are increasingly more committed to the environment. We are many companies that, aware of the impact that our current way of life causes, we strive to be more respectful with nature.

At Expomedia, we understand green marketing as something beyond a commercial strategy, we seek to promote and communicate our sincere commitment to sustainability.

Aware that the presence in exhibitions and congresses represents one of the most significant communication actions for our clients, our team of professionals is at your service to help them in the work of communicating the real values ​​of their brand and helping to reduce their footprint. environmental.

The main objective is to reduce the impact of a service while preserving its qualities and benefits. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact thanks to different measures taken when developing our projects, using whenever the project allows:

  • Construction with ecologically certified materials, such as recoverable or recyclable natural wood board when disassembled.
  • Graphics made with ecological inks.
  • Water-based paints with non-aggressive chemicals with the environment
  • Spaces free of plastic waste
  • Energy efficient lighting systems, low consumption type LEDs
  • Optimization of resources, for example the intelligent use of logistics.
  • Application of technology. Use of interactive screens and systems to the detriment of paper.

The concern for sustainability should not only be understood in the constructive part of a stand. We must also be consistent in all the details related to participation in the exhibition, for example, use of recycled cardboard cups and non-plastic consumables, use of digital catalogs, promotion of the use of public or group transport for staff and visitors, donations of perishable products to the food bank,… etc.

The ultimate goal of any business is to obtain economic benefit from its business activity. But to achieve this profitability, you must create products or services that in turn are sustainable.

We are not only a brand that offers a series of services, we do it in a responsible and respectful way with the planet, optimizing resources. In addition, we can issue the sustainability certification of the project that guarantees a policy of good environmental practices in the process of construction and dismantling of your stand or event.

A careful implementation of the green marketing strategy at your next exhibition will be synonymous with good results.


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