Although creativity is the ability to face a blank sheet of paper and bring forth ideas, in this case buildable or materializable in elements of ephemeral architecture, the design process is almost never started from absolute gaps.

To carry out the design of the stand, it is essential to open a communication channel between the client and the designer in which the different functional, aesthetic, brand, etc. needs can be planned. Therefore, the preparation of a solvent briefing is crucial as a fundamental scaffold in which the creative work will be wrapped.

Thus, once the base of the spatial functionalities has been established (product exhibition, professional work areas, commercial attention, private areas, leisure, storage, etc.) as well as the image and brand principles to promote, we would enter the creative phase.

At this point, a balance must be found between all the guidelines given without prejudice to providing a striking, original, unambiguous space that transmits corporate messages clearly.

A design that must also be viable at the stand construction level and that allows assembly in the time established by the organization for the assembly of the stand.

Although it is true, that a certain budget or the restrictions of the space contracted at the exhibition (size, orientation within the pavilion, possible additional obstacles such as columns …), will be influential when producing a design, they should not be decisive . That is, for a design professional there are no limitations, but options.

The talent of designing a space of ephemeral architecture consists in obtaining the best possible version of a project taking into account its particular circumstances.

At Expomedia we make “tailored suits” so that the design of your stand for exhibitions or events is original and unique, but also according to your corporate and functional identity.


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