The design or manufacture of a stand has many practical and technical aspects to consider. In outdoor stands or also called outdoor stands, we must take into account some additional details such as the weather, the location and the safety regulations.

The weather will force to adopt measures that guarantee the security and tightness of the stand. For example, platforms for better anchoring in case of wind, rain gutter ceilings, micro-perforated graphics to avoid sail effect, protected electrical installation, walkable cable glands. In the case of uneven terrain, it will be necessary to provide for the leveling of the technical platforms with special blocks.

Security personnel will be necessary during the assembly and throughout the duration of the event, to guarantee security against vandalism and control access.

If there is no electrical connection nearby at the point of installation or it is insufficient, and the stand will also have lighting or electrical connections, it will be necessary to hire an independent generator set to guarantee the electrical supply.

The basic regulations that regulate outdoor events, as a general rule, require visas and certificates for installations in the face of wind, fire and other safety aspects such as equipment for fire extinguishers, safety distances, emergency exits, emergency lights … etc. In most cases of stands or outdoor installations, a visa or certificate from a competent architect / technician is required to guarantee the safety of the installation carried out. In the event of events with a large influx of visitors, other measures such as portable toilets, personnel and emergency vehicles will also be necessary … At all times, the urban furniture and paving of the installation site must be respected to avoid administrative penalties for damage.

As for the options, they are varied depending on the client’s objectives, the type of project and the requirements of the activity to be carried out.

At Expomedia we can make all kinds of assemblies and outdoor stands, for example:

  • Design and assembly of design stands for outdoor spaces
  • Tents, tents and inflatables
  • Containers and booths
  • Customized outdoor pavilions.

If you have an outdoor event in the near future, tell us what you need.

We end the post with some examples of outdoor stand assemblies that are curious to us.


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