Showtime! You have done the job. Your exhibition stand looks spectacular and the entire staff is ready for the EXHIBITION to begin. You have made a checklist to not forget anything and you have verified it several times. Gone are weeks of preparation, talking to suppliers, organization, customers and employees. It’s show time and you’re ready to go. But a fear arises, will customers come to my booth ?.

Maybe it’s your first exhibition or maybe what you’ve been doing so far didn’t work. Either way you look at it, you must answer a fundamental question: how do I get the best clients for my business to visit me at the exhibition and get to know us?

Here are six ideas to attract more people to your stand at the exhibition:

  1. Set yourself a target audience: pick up the phone and call your customers, prospects, collaborators and friends. Invite them to join you. Send them an invitation or ticket for the EXHIBITION with enough time so they can schedule it. Invite them to breakfast at your stand. Invite them for a drink or a cocktail. Take a deep breath, smile, pick up the phone and start dialing.
  2. Use social media: If the exhibition has a hashtag, use it. Make it part of your pre-event communication strategy. Visit the event website and all the social networking opportunities offered by the organization.
  3. Email marketing: If the event or exhibition allows it, send email lists with invitations in a professional way. Be sure to plan ahead and keep track of reminder. Include the event reminder in your digital signature in all the emails you are sending daily.
  4. Internal audience: Come on, team! promote the participation of your employees and coworkers. Give them all the details so that they become “brand ambassadors.” Use the Intranet, internal communications and your company’s blog as the place to talk about this exhibition or event and the importance of great attendance by the target audience for the success of the company.
  5. Maximize marketing opportunities: advertisements on the event website, advertising options in the cafe areas, in the accreditation areas, at the entrances, on the escalators, … most exhibitions offer to exhibitors a variety of advertising opportunities both before and during the exhibition. If your budget allows, do it to maximize opportunities to attract attention.
  6. Make an event within the event. For example, if at the exhibition there is also a congress or conference area in which your company will participate with speakers, it could be another opportunity to attract visitors to your stand.

Ready to do business at your booth?.


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