Here we collect some of the most important free image banks with royalty-free vectors and photos.

If you don’t have design knowledge, just download or buy images that have .png or .jpg files and in various sizes (128px, 256px, 512px, etc.). The bigger the size, the better the resolution, although the ideal is always for the file to be a vector format, that is, images made up of vectors that allow the image to be enlarged without losing quality in the resolution. The main vector formats are those that have any of these extensions: AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF, SVG.

Having your logo in vector format and vector images or in high resolution, is essential if you want to make a professional impression for your stand graphics (posters, light boxes, vinyls, corporate …). This vector format is also necessary if a designer needs to make changes to your logo. To use a logo beyond a web page, it is essential to have the logo in some type of vector format.

Here are some of the best free image banks:

  1. Freeimages.com: You can find hundreds of free photos to download from any area: industrial, nature, science and technology, sports, etc. In addition, it has a search engine that allows you to select the image format you want (horizontal or vertical), resolution and / or search order, etc.
  2. Stocksnap.io: Royalty-free image bank where you can find thousands of photos of any area, be it technology, nature, medicine, landscapes, etc., with excellent resolution and includes a search engine.
  3. Gratisography.com: High resolution image bank. Contains creative, original, excellent quality and different images. It includes six different categories (people, animals, nature, objects, urban and whimsical) so you can search and find what you need.
  4. Lifeopix.com: This bank allows you to download photos for free, just click on the image you want and it will be downloaded automatically.
  5. Unsplash.com: Royalty-free images of different themes in high resolution. In addition, it includes a search engine and they offer you 10 new images every 10 days if you subscribe to their list.
  6. Pixabay.com: Free images that allows you to search images of different themes, vectors to edit and illustrations. It also has a search engine and categories.
  7. Splitshire.com: High resolution image bank with search engine and list of categories (nature, food, people, technology, urban, etc.).
  8. Pickupimage.com: Includes a browser to search with keywords, the most recent photos, the most downloaded, etc.
  9. Skitterphoto.com: More than 800 images for you to search for any category and theme in your search engine.
  10. Moveast.me: it does not have a search engine or categories, but if you start searching you will find great photos of landscapes, food, people, animals, nature, etc.

If you do not find what you are looking for in any of these free image banks, then you will have to consider buying images in other image banks such as shutterstock, com, stockphotosecrets.com, creativemarket.com, fotolia.com, istockphoto.com , 123rf.com, gettyimages.com … etc.


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