Corporate letters or corporate logos are used in exhibition stands to give elegance and distinction to your brand.

There is a great variety, different materials and sizes, adaptable to the needs of each company. You can choose the thickness, color, size and material depending on whether it is for interior, exterior or it will be reused in different events.

– Corporeal letters of MDF. Made in painted or lacquered carpentry. The most common thickness is 19mm. although they can be manufactured in the thicknesses that are desired. It is the most economical option

– PVC or Pegasus 3D letters. Economical and versatile. In white and can be painted or vinyl.

– 3D letters in polystyrene. They allow thicknesses of more than 5cm. and they can be painted. They are light and a good option for claims at height in indoor stands.

– Acrylic letters. Different sizes and finishes. They can be backlit. They are used outdoors and indoors. The methacrylate is laser cut and assembled on a metal support or also on methacrylate.

– Metallic letters (brass, aluminum, dibond, steel …). When you want to transmit a more serious and classic image. They can have a polished mirror effect. They allow you to choose size, typography, thickness … Metallic letters can be combined with methacrylate.

– Vegetable letters. They are a trend in recent years. They are filled with natural or lyophilized plants.

In addition, decorative lighting is usually used on the corporeal labels to create either a backlit effect (in the acrylic letters), or a halo effect of light around the logo with the application of a led strip on the back.

Tell us what you need and we will offer you the best option for your stand or business.


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