We define a premium stand as a stand with quality finishes, good customer service and competitive price. It does not necessarily have to be a large or luxuriously finished stand. We have an example in the USU COSMETICS brand that asked us for a job for their first exhibition as exhibitor at INFARMA Barcelona 2019.

The INFARMA exhibition received in that edition more than 33,000 visitors and a total of 406 exhibitors between laboratories and companies participated, a growth of 7% compared to the previous edition.

USU COSMETICS is a young firm specialized in innovative cosmetic products, with a premium presentation and that they distribute mainly in the pharmacy channel. This exhibition was their first participation as exhibitors and as indicated by its CEO, they exceeded all expectations.

Expomedia carried out the design and manufacture of the stand, for a reduced space of 20 m2. Despite its small size, the design lived up to the needs of our client, who were presenting their innovative Korean brand to the public for the first time.

In this space of only 20m2 they had to present their physical products, communicate their new brand and have their sales team, made up of 5 people, be able to attend to visits. A minimalist space was designed, with a great presence of the brand through the use of a large-format and tall light box, exhibition of products on shelves and storage through cabinets instead of setting up a warehouse in such a small space. Noble materials such as laminate were chosen for the floor finish and lacquered painting for the rest of the construction.

The success obtained and the influx of visitors to the stand was resounding thanks to the combination of its attractive design, with a large central backlite and a functional and perfectly organized space to serve customers in a comfortable and efficient manner.

USU Cosmetics has already confirmed attendance for the next edition of INFARMA 2021 and we will be delighted to continue collaborating and growing together.

Thank you for your trust.


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