Although each exhibition can have its own particularity and focus on very different audiences, some suggestive trends can be observed.


In exhibition marketing, the trinomial creativity, quality and innovation turn out to be a fundamental combination to attract the largest number of visitors to the stand. Although in addition, these spaces are usually suitable for product display, they should not only focus on it, although this may even be the main basis from which to determine a design. Among the most successful trends is being able to generate experiences, and it is here that new technologies can be an essential ally.

Large format LED screens, straight or even curved, transparent, … Holograms for virtual product models or logo projections. Virtual Reality Glasses that allow an immersive experience. Selfies with interactive backgrounds … They are some of the most innovative applications observed lately at fairs. But we must also be attentive to the evolution of other options that perhaps will be introduced by the hand of Augmented Reality or Artificial Intelligence.

Sustainable and ecological.

The growing social awareness for the preservation of the environment is being addressed by brands with an also increasing social responsibility in adopting production measures that are sustainable. That is why this is also reflected in the way of building or designing a stand.

Winks to nature achieved with a proper presentation of gardening and plants, or the use of vertical gardens, can be a very powerful option. The introduction of natural woods, metal and aluminum, fabrics, or even the application of recycled materials such as pallets, cardboard furniture, etc., would complete the definition of a space according to these values.


Conceptual style stands would be located within a trend that could be considered against the current. They are spaces that do not replicate the typical or traditional structure of what would be understood by a fair stand. With this, a visual set of impact is sought, generally surprising with an experimentation around which everything revolves. For example, by building an inverted space with respect to gravity, that is, with the furniture and decoration anchored to the ceiling, or that the entire space is a large-format three-dimensional logo as the center of attention … Here the limits are only it sets the imagination.

Ambient lighting.

Although it is common to have a well-lit stand without dead shadows for a correct display of products and graphics, sometimes it is interesting to humanize the space by creating areas that invite relaxation or recreation in a warmer environment. For example, in a bar area, in a tasting area, in a chill-out, or in a more interpersonal social area. You can use vintage style LED bulbs, color changing LEDs, decorative lamps …

Leads uptake.

A good option to make profitable the investment made in a stand is the acquisition of potential customers by expanding the database of contacts to be able to target marketing campaigns. In order to interact with the public visiting the fair, strategies such as games, contests, photocalls, etc. can be introduced into the stand, in which non-sensitive data such as contact email can be registered as a requirement to participate.


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