Here are some tips as professionals in the stand design and assembly sector with more than 20 years of experience if it is your first time as an exhibitor at a exhibition:

Plan ahead.

Like any other task, preparation is key. Set a realistic budget and set of goals for the event. Choose your space at the exhibition in time to get good locations. Book hotels and transportation in time to avoid last minute costs. Prepare all the actions and communication supports you will need (invitations, brochures, special offers during exhibitions, merchandising, logistics, catering …).

Ask your stand provider for advice.

Put yourself in the hands of a professional company for the design and assembly of your exhibition stand. Ask them the steps to follow, what you should or should not do. Even if you have doubts between one space or another, talk to them because they know the exhibitiongrounds. You can also ask for advice on which exhibition is closest to your sector. To plan your stand, the best thing will be a personal meeting to know your company, objectives and requirements. The minimum necessary briefing information for the stand could be this:

– Information about your company and products.

– Your objectives for the exhibition. Image, acquisition, loyalty?

– Space of your stand. Dimensions and distribution. Send the chosen location plan or the options you have to choose the space

– Needs. Requirements in terms of how to present products, warehouses, furniture, meeting areas, bar, audiovisuals and any other information that helps prepare the stand proposal to your stand company. If you have upcoming exhibitions after this first experience, also indicate it to propose a joint offer that allows you to reuse elements and optimize costs.

– Budget. A guideline figure for the budget allocated to the stand. Keep in mind that it is at least the same amount that you have dedicated to renting the space.

Build a winning booth.

Regardless of budget, it’s important to attract attendees to your booth. A creative but functional stand design, a clear message and an accessible space are vital aspects to increase traffic and participation.

Keep focused on ROI

A trade exhibition stand can be a significant investment and the end result is important. To evaluate the result on the objective set, the variables can be leads obtained at the stand through visits, meetings, requests for offers, direct sales …


While deals can be closed directly at the booth, most exhibition interactions are just the beginning of the sales cycle. Those new relationships represent an investment and not taking advantage of them wastes all your efforts. Follow up right after the show or just ask your customers if they liked the experience.

We will be happy to go hand in hand at your first exhibition. Let us surprise you.


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